Five Ways To Prepare For Fall

The end of summer always brings a little bit of melancholy as the weather turns colder and the days shorter. The season’s change and they all have their own perks to them – fall is definitely my favourite fashion season, although the cold is definitely not part of my favourite things. I’m a little bit shocked at how fast this year has gone by (we’re essentially 3 months away from Christmas!!) but I’m happy to welcome new winds and autumnal pieces into my life. One of my favourite things about fall is sweaters, as you may have guessed from my outfit for this post. Below are a few other faves and some ideas for you to start implementing to prepare for fall, or the “dark season” as some may say.

White Sweater Dress | Knitwear | Sweater dress with over the knee boots | Cosy Knits | Prepare For Fall 2017 | Fall Outfits | Fall Fashion

1. Stock Up on Sweaters

If there is one thing that is the epitome of fall, it’s knitwear. Knitwear paired with some over the knee boots, socks or scarves is the best way to create a transitional autumn look if you’re not too keen on long coats and warm jackets yet. I’ve been rocking the sweater dress look for essentially 7 days straight now as it is oh so easy to style and come up with. Above are some more of my favourites that I’ve picked up from the highstreet.


White Sweater Dress | Knitwear | Sweater dress with over the knee boots | Cosy Knits | Prepare For Fall 2017 | Fall Outfits | Fall Fashion

2. Candles, Candles and More Candles!

I must admit that when I first found out the price of Jo Malone and Dyptique candles I was blown away – £50 for a jar of wax and a straw?! As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realise that as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Cheap candles from Argos or Ikea may smell the same initially, but they often burn a lot faster, don’t linger around the house for as long and can give you headaches. I personally can’t use any candles which have synthetic fragrances incorporated in them, as I get a headache and other allergic reactions. My current favourites are from an Estonian company called Naturaalia – the ingredients are all natural and the price is about 10 eur (£8-9).  I like to buy candles with different fragrances and use them depending on the time of day. Currently I’m using lemongrass in the afternoon and evening, and lavender before bed. You’ll find some other autumnal favourites of mine below.

3. Refreshen Your Bookshelf

Although summer vacation tends to be associated with lots of free time and therefore time to read, I personally find myself being more productive and reading more during the fall. Every now and then it’s great to have a night in, either with Netflix or a good book in your hands. Below are some of my recent favourites that I have added to my reading list. (I’m currently reading the Untethered soul by Michael Singer.)

Can’t see the list? Here’s my picks: 1) The Untethered Soul 2) Blockchain: A Blueprint for a New Economy 3) East of Eden 4) Worldliness 5) The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership 6) Kafka on the Shore

4. Try Out New Hot Chocolates, Chais and Teas

While your wrapped up warmly in your blanket, surrounded by candles and a new book in your hands, why not have a warm cuppa hot chocolate right next to you on the nightstand? If you’re feeling indulgent you may also want to add a bit of whipped cream into your hot chocolate and decorate it with cocoa powder. I’m intolerant to dairy, so I haven’t been able to enjoy normal whipped cream in a very long time, but fortunately I’ve found an alternative to it in the form of Soya Whipped cream, which you can find here!

White Sweater Dress | Knitwear | Sweater dress with over the knee boots | Cosy Knits | Prepare For Fall 2017 | Fall Outfits | Fall Fashion

5. Have a Closet & Make Up Clear Out

As if waking up in the morning to a dark, cold room wasn’t depressing enough, there are better things to do than spending the majority of your morning deciding what to wear. To speeded up the process a little, it’s a good idea to get rid of any summer clothes that you may still have in your wardrobe and tuck them away to storage. You may also want to do the same with your make-up, if you’re someone who changes their foundation during the summer (e.g. for extra SPF protection) or just uses a different colour scheme during fall. I’ve picked up some of my favourite make-up products perfect for fall below, check them out if you’re looking for something new to try! (I have dry skin with acne – very unusual combination, I know.)

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Do you have any tips to prepare for fall? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. September 30, 2017 / 10:28 am

    Hi Maria and greetings from London! I really enjoyed reading this post. Like you, I don’t look forward to the change of season and dread feeling cold. But your suggestions are very helpful, and I love your outfit ideas. The sweater dress looks fabulous on you!

    Thanks so much for adding me on Bloglovin’, I’ve added you too and hopefully we can stay in touch!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    p.s – Remember to check those candles are fully extinguished before bed!

    Lots of love Saba xx

    • Admin
      October 1, 2017 / 11:57 am

      Thanks Saba, I’ll check you out on Bloglovin too! 🙂 x

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