What are your stats? (age, height, weight etc)
My birthday is November 2nd 1992, which makes 24. I am 167 cm and weigh around 50 kg. I wear a size 6, sometimes 8 (EU 34/XS).
Where are you from?
I live in London, UK, but I am half Finnish and half Estonian (dual nationality). We speak both languages in my family and my parents live in Estonia, which is where I grew up. I also lived in Belgium (Brussels) during my teens and finished high school there. And no, I don’t speak French nor Flemish fluently, but my French is okay.
Who takes your pictures and what equipment do you use?
I started out taking most of my pictures myself with a tripod, using the Olympus EPL-7. I still use the same camera with the starter lens or 45 mm lens for all my travel photos, flatlays and random snaps. When I travel, I ask my friends to take pictures of me, but I also work with photographers such as Jamie, Rebecca and Lydia, who use some form of Canon with many different lenses.
What do you do/what’s your job?
I am a Master’s student in chemistry and am currently spending the majority of my time in the labs of a hospital, doing research on peptide based hydrogels (materials that can  potentially be used for 3D organ printing!). I consider blogging and Instagramming my part-time job.
How do you edit your Instagram photos?
I am planning to make a detailed video soon as this is the question I get asked the most! I use VSCO, Snapseed and Facetune for all my images, and occasionally SKRWT and Afterlight. I like to make my images bright, sharp, cool and with popping colour.
Any tips on starting and growing your Instagram?
See my post on How to Grow Your Instagram for detailed tips.